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With the intent of creating higher quality work over quantity, I will be accepting a limited amount of weddings starting in 2017. I would like to document no more than 7 weddings each year. My motivation for the change is both personal and professional. I have a heart for weddings and the special couples I am able to create images with while living along side for (at least) the day. I want to continue this tradition by investing more into each couple. The relationship we have should be more than just a vendor/client; I have been lucky enough to call so many clients friends. I want to remember more than your name or venue, I want to remember your face, what your favorite kind of pizza is, that one inside joke that I was there for. My favorite weddings have always been the ones who I leave feeling like I just made a couple new best friends. Thank you to all the couples I've been able to cultivate more than a contractual agreement with. I cannot wait to meet all of the future couples who will be down to hang past your wedding day.